Andrea Siemens: 2014 Employee of the Year

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andrea inside

Andrea Siemens, LMSW

There is so much that sets JFCS of Southern Arizona apart. We consistently meet the needs of our clients while showing respect for their beliefs, choices, values and differences.  While serving the Jewish and broader Tucson communities, regardless of religion or ethnic origin, we are guided by the Jewish traditions of healing the world (tikkun olam) with loving kindness (chesed) through just and charitable deeds (tzedakah). We hire committed and capable professionals who provide the expert care that those we serve deserve.

Andrea Siemens, LMSW, is one of those people.

Named the JFCS of Southern Arizona 2014 Employee of the Year, she exemplifies the way JFCS staff make a big difference for people of all ages during very difficult times in their lives. She also received our 2014 Betty Brook Professional of the Year Award.

Andrea is devoted to helping people meet their full potential and is forever grateful to have the opportunity to do the work she does. She reflected, “I was blessed with the experience of watching my parents give selflessly of themselves throughout my childhood. I knew that, in some way, I wanted to follow in their footsteps and help others.”

She is part of the success of many JFCS programs.  Andrea provides clinical therapy for children and teens recovering from trauma through the agency’s Project Safe Place, and for other clients of all ages. She manages the LEAH program for Jewish people experiencing domestic violence, the CHAI Circle for female cancer survivors in the Jewish community, and the Holocaust Survivors Program volunteer program.


One of the Siemens’ family art projects.

Being a wife and a mother to three children, and working with such a diverse group of clients and co-workers translates into a very busy life that “has enriched and blessed me with many wonderful and life-enhancing experiences and opportunities.” JFCS’s flexible, family-friendly scheduling is a plus, making it possible for Andrea to spend quality time with her children engaged in art and outdoor adventures.

Andrea moved to Tucson 11 years ago to work at Canyon Ranch Health Resort. In her event planning role at Canyon Ranch and subsequently, she supported the Dream Street Foundation in providing camps for terminally and chronically ill children and young adults. She was inspired to pursue a Master’s Degree in social Work from Arizona State University as a result of her connections with Dream Street campers.

An academic internship connected Andrea with JFCS and she is very grateful that over the last seven years, she has continued to put her experience and advanced degree to good use in so many ways at the agency. “My hope is that people leave our time together feeling happier and healthier,” says Andrea.