AZ Charitable Tax Credit

“It’s good to be blessed, it’s better to be a blessing.”

Pay less in taxes and give hope to vulnerable families. You gift will help to provide:

  • Trauma therapy for children and teenagers
  • Safe transportation services
  • Age appropriate play therapy equipment
  • Counseling for poor people dealing with serious depression
  • Gift baskets for needy children and families during the Jewish holidays

Even though changes have been proposed to federal tax deductible contributions, your donation to JFCS of Southern Arizona will still qualify for the Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization tax credit for up to $400 for a donor filing as single or head of household, and up to $800 for a donor filing as married/ joint.

NEW: This year, the State of Arizona issued codes for all Qualified Charitable Organizations (QCO). You can use the QCO code on your 2019 tax return to claim your charitable tax credit. JFCS of Southern Arizona’s QCO code is 20683.

Donate online (click here)

Mail a check to: 4301 E. 5th Street, Tucson, AZ 85711