Dr. Param Dedhia to discuss Power of Sleep at CHAI Circle meeting

Jan. 18, 2015

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Chai Circle logoCHAI Circle Meeting

WHEN: Sunday – January 18th, 2015

TIME: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Presenter: Param Dedhia, MD is a passionate internist and integrative medicine physician focused upon translating everyday practices into key steps along the journey of health and wellness. From experiences ranging from corporate executives to underserved communities, Param partners with each individual to provide a personalized care. From lectures to one-on-one care, he seeks to have the science of medicine distilled into daily health and healing opportunities.

The Power of Sleep: Sleep is no luxury. Modern science has validated and extended the traditional wisdom of sleep. The Power of Sleep is unveiled as it honors not only prevention but also healing on nightly basis. Please join Param Dedhia, MD to define healthy sleep as well as to discern normal variations and common sleep disorders. In addition, you will learn about tips to promote the quality and quantity of your best sleep.

LOCATION: Jewish Community Center, Board Room (first floor)

Please RSVP to Andrea Siemens by email or by phone at 795-0300 ext. 2365.

CHAI Circle is a group for women with cancer in the Jewish community who have been newly diagnosed with cancer or who are long-term survivors. There is no charge for the group. The goals are education, mentoring, socialization, spirituality and support. CHAI Circle is a program of Jewish Family and Children’s Services of Southern Arizona.