Matza & More underway at JFCS

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Since 1970, JFCS has offered baskets that contain many traditional Seder items to Jewish families in need.

Passover begins this year on April 13th and Seder baskets again will be delivered in early April. We hope to be able to serve at least 200 families. A significant amount of the food comes from synagogues and grocery stores; however, we always need to supplement what we receive with donations. You can help by donating gift cards by mid-March. Cards can be mailed or dropped off at 4301 E. Fifth Street, Tucson, Arizona 85711. If you prefer, financial donations can be made online or by mailing a check .

Matza & More’ focus of Bar Mitzvah project

“….This year, 13-year-old Ben Spiegel is collecting food and financial donations for Matza & More 2014 as his Bar Mitzvah project…..” Read more of the 3/13/14 Arizona Jewish Post story about Ben.