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Jewish Family & Children’s Services provides advocacy and guardianship services to people of any age who are unable to make their own critical life decisions due to incapacity or disability.

Through our guardianship program, we advocate for clients deemed incapacitated by the Probate Court.  Once the court determines a person is in need of a guardian, we can assume the role of legal guardian.

Guardian’s Role

A legal guardian has the authority (and the corresponding duty) to care for the personal and property interests of another person, called a ward.

Under the auspices of the Court, the Guardian’s primary responsibility is the protection, safety, and welfare of the ward. A guardian protects a ward from abuse, neglect (including self neglect), and exploitation.  A guardian provides for care and acts as an advocate in any and all aspects of a person’s life.  Every attempt is made to balance the rights and preferences of the individual with their need for protection.


  • Care planning for medical, social and financial needs
  • Advocacy and monitoring to regularly assess plan implementation and clients’ status
  • Conferences to consult with caregivers, family members, and service providers
  • Court reporting to file all required court reports
  • 24-hour emergency coverage