JFCS Launches New Family Preservation Services

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Jewish Family & Children’s Services of Southern Arizona (JFCS) Launches New Family Preservation Program to provide In-home Therapy Services to Tucson families in crisis

August, 2018 Tucson, AZ Jewish Family & Children’s Services of Southern Arizona (JFCS) is proud to announce the launch of expanded therapy services designed to help strengthen family life in our community. The new JFCS Family Preservation Program will provide direct in-home assessment, therapy and parenting support to families in crisis. The JFCS Family Preservation Program allows our skilled therapists a way to observe and interact with children and parents/caregivers in their home environment and quickly craft a plan that helps stabilize the family. In-home services can be a life-saver for families with limited access to transportation, financial struggles and emotional stressors.  Tucson’s families need your help.

Arizona families are in crisis. Over 1.1 million families live in poverty which is considered a primary risk-factor for child safety. When a child is at risk, the Department of Child Safety (DCS) may take action to remove the child from the home. Children who are removed from their homes may be placed with relatives or in foster care. Right now, Arizona has more than 14,000 children in foster care and ranks among the worst states in the country (44 out of 50) for access to quality health care and social services for underprivileged children.

The JFCS Family Preservation Program offers short-term family-focused services designed to assist families in crisis by providing parents, caregivers and family members with tools and resources to improve their coping & communication skills and family functioning while keeping children safe. Separating children from their families is a traumatic event that can result in long-lasting negative effects.

Expected to serve to approximately 450 children and their families in Tucson every year, the JFCS Family Preservation Program is based on our conviction that many children can be safely protected and treated within their own homes when parents are provided with services and support that empower them to change their lives.  Tucson’s families need your help.

JFCS’ expert and compassionate therapists are trained in Person-Centered Trauma-Informed (PCTI) treatment practices that promote emotional growth and healing and are mindful of each person’s circumstances. This PCTI approach informs every clinical and community service we provide at JFCS.

Guided by Jewish values, JFCS believes in healing the world with loving-kindness. For over 75 years, JFCS has helped improve the lives of thousands of children, families, adults and seniors regardless of faith, religion, age, race, ethnicity, sex, gender/sexual orientation, or economic status.

Tucson Families Need Your Help.

Download the Press Release:

PRESS RELEASE-Family Preservation(8.2.18)