JFCS Older Adult and Adult with Disability Services during COVID-19

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JFCS’s Older Adult and Adult with Disability Services continue to provide robust services for the community. These programs include TAP (the Trusted Advisors Project), Jewish Elder Access and Select Care.

Through the Trusted Advisors Project, JFCS provides short-term care management to Jewish individuals and families by helping them build goals and empower them towards those goals. TAP recently guided a disabled, older adult in the many steps of the application for food stamps, coached families in tracking their stimulus payments, and assisted another disabled, older adult in a transition home from the hospital when all the family of that person live across the country. Since JFCS began working remotely, we have worked with eighteen new individuals. Half of the new participants requested assistance in navigating issues surrounding COVID 19. We were able to provide professional guidance via phone to these persons. Since JFCS staff began working remotely, TAP staff provided services to a total of 30 individuals (new and continuing participants) on a variety of goals including medical care management, budgeting, and navigating state/federal resources.
Jewish Elder Access has continued to provide our telephonic guidance and referrals to and for Jewish older adults in our community. We reached out to those who were in need of acute assistance in the last year to offer support, referrals, and encouragement through this uncertain time. Since the start of working remotely, JEA has spoken with 112 individuals to offer support, resources, and a friendly ear. Through our Home Safety funds we are currently providing one elder with the installation of grab bars and another with crucial electrical work. JEA continues to be here for our Elders, both proactively and responsively.
JFCS’s professional staff has worked hard on offering support to our clients who benefit from our care management services. Our care manager applied clients for unemployment benefits, food stamps, and reworked budgets to meet the changing circumstances that resulted from COVID 19. We have utilized both video and telephonic platforms to continue to guide and support our medical care management clients in receiving the services and treatments that they receive. Our team worked with a family on a major life transition that occurred during this period of decreased in person contact, but we were able to assist remotely due to our experience with the local supports. The clients and family have succeeded in their transition and are very appreciative of the support from the JFCS Select Care team. These programs are client centered, and flex to meet the greater or lesser needs of individuals and families as needed and desired.
All in all, the Older Adult & Adult with Disability Services continue to provide support using technology, resources, and compassion to help heal the rapidly changing world.