Phoenix Suns Charities Give $8,000 Grant to JFCS

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Phoenix Suns Charities

Left to right: Phoenix Suns Charities Manager Jennie Patel and Executive Director Sarah Krahenbuhl visited Tucson to present the grant check to JFCS President & CEO Carlos Hernández and Philanthropy Officer Alisa Shorr

JFCS couldn’t be more pleased with the grant from the Phoenix Suns Charities for the Healing Garden Project.

This project will create a more welcoming patio at the entrance to the clinic where there is now just gravel and a lonely ocotillo.The transformed space will include plants, seating, and a brick pathway and be a special place for children and families to enjoy together before and after therapy sessions.

Additionally, each of our childhood trauma therapy offices located on the ground floor has a large window that looks out onto an individual patio box neglected for too long. These patio boxes, which are very visible and run the entire length of our building, will be filled with colorful plants for children and their families to enjoy during trauma therapy sessions.

At least 400 children (ages 3-18) will benefit. Many of them have been sexually, physically, and emotionally abused and/or the victim of a crime. Without intervention, they are more vulnerable to negative outcomes such as dropping out of school, substance abuse, and delinquency. JFCS offers early intervention by highly qualified licensed therapists at no cost for as long as needed to address trauma.

Children exposed to these traumas see their world as a frightening place. A very important part of therapy is creating an environment at the clinic that is friendly and welcoming. These patios filled with plants and flowers will create a more healing environment that helps reduce anger, anxiety and stress.


Where flowers bloom, so does hope. ~ Lady Bird Johnson