Substance Abuse Services

ECCO Program for Teens

The Embracing Challenges, Creating Opportunities (ECCO) program helps at-risk adolescents aged 13-18 face and overcome substance abuse issues.

Experienced clinicians ensure that youth get the most comprehensive and effective care possible.The family-centered ECCO approach includes individual, group and family-centered therapy for teens and their families in an outpatient setting. Treatment is customized based on the presenting issues, parental concerns, potential legal concerns, and issues identified by the therapists during the intake process.

Various therapeutic models help meet the needs of participants including: cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, Love and Logic, and trauma-based cognitive behavioral therapy.

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Counseling sessions help empower each client:

  • Gain an understanding of the stressors and triggers that may lead to substance use.
  • Identify how each substance affects various parts of their bodies.
  • Identify the costs and benefits of their substance use.
  • Participate in activities to better understand themselves.
  • Evaluate individual goals and needs and develop positive alternatives to accomplish them.

When it comes to substance abuse, educated and involved parents or caregivers are the greatest protective factors against risky youth behaviors. ECCO addresses this by encouraging parents and other family members to play a big role in their family member’s treatment.

Support groups for parents are held concurrently during the 12-week period, and are facilitated by a licensed clinician. Parents receive the support of other parents as well as the therapist’s guidance, and the tools to help enable their child’s successful recovery.

ECCO is funded by a grant from the Arizona Parents Commission on Drug Education and Prevention.

Jewish Substance Abuse Services

The J.A.S.S. program, (Jewish Addiction Support Services) provides outreach and education for Jewish individuals, families and significant others struggling with the use/abuse of alcohol and other drugs. Both outreach and education are done within the context of Jewish spiritual and cultural values.

The program does not provide counseling due to limited funding, but it does provide information and education on alcohol and other drug use/abuse to organizations both within the Jewish community and mainstream community-based organizations as well. Given that the services provided consist solely of information, education and referral to other community-based resources, there are no formal assessment procedures. Community-based treatment resources (including JFCS) conduct formal assessments as indicated based upon level of care, regulatory and contractual requirements.

Our services are offered based on the philosophy that alcohol and other drug abuse is an “equal opportunity” issue that affects people of all religious, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds – including the Jewish community.

As a result of the mythology that alcohol and other drug abuse generally “doesn’t happen to Jews,” there is a significant amount of guilt and shame that is typically experienced by Jewish individuals and families suffering from addiction and drug abuse. Our goals are:
  • Educate and increase awareness of the many impacts of alcohol and drug abuse
  • Increase awareness of community-based resources that provide support and treatment
  • Facilitate referrals to such resources as appropriate.
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This program is funded by a Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona.