Vivian’s Story

Some of us may have had the good fortune to enjoy a break or vacation to escape Tucson’s hot summer.

Sadly, there are countless people in our community who can’t afford such blessings, many of whom are home-bound older adults.

Such was the case for Vivian, a 68 year-old woman living alone, who came to JFCS for help. Vivian suffers from severe migraines and has trouble walking and standing. Everyday tasks such as grocery shopping and bathing were not only challenging for her, but outright dangerous!

By the time Vivian was referred to us, she had already fallen several times, sustaining injuries to her arms and hips.

Like most of our clients, Vivian lives below the poverty line. Through our durable medical equipment program, HoME, a dedicated JFCS social worker was able to obtain a new wheelchair and a shower chair for Vivian.

Here’s a quote from a note she sent us:

“I’m able to do more things out of the house and build the memories with my daughter and grandchildren that I hope they will remember in the future.”

The expression of hope in Vivian’s words are so moving because they capture the very essence of Tikkun Olam that guides the work we do at JFCS.

We are asking for your continued financial support so that, together, we can provide much-needed services to everyone who comes to us for help and fulfill our mission to heal the world with loving-kindness. Every dollar helps!

Please give generously. “It’s good to be blessed, it’s better to be a blessing!”