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Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention Services

Family Connections and Nurturing Parenting Program

Our Family Connections and Nurturing Parenting Program are part of a contract with the Arizona Department of Child Safety. Our goal is to provide supports that keep children safely in their homes by reducing the risk of child abuse/neglect and increasing parenting capacities. Our services are trauma-informed, person-centered, and consider each family’s unique needs.

Family Connections is an in-home program that provides change-focused interventions based on the family’s needs and readiness for change. Some of the outcomes of the program include social support, family function, family resources, child wellbeing, parenting attitudes and behaviors, and managing parenting stress. Our Family Connections Consultants support families and provide resources to help each family achieve their goals.

The Nurturing Parenting Program supports parents and caregivers through curriculum-based parenting skills education as well as observation and coaching sessions. The NPP Practitioner provides resources to improve setting realistic expectations of children, increasing parental empathy towards children’s needs, and offering education on non-violent discipline, parent-child family roles, and children’s power and independence.