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About JFCS of Southern Arizona

Serving our community since 1941

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A Long History of Service

We have a long history of service to our community’s most vulnerable people.

Since 1941, we have helped individuals and families in crisis, children and adults who have experienced trauma, people with disabilities, frail and elderly adults, and neighbors without basic necessities. Our clients come from all age groups, economic backgrounds and all beliefs.

Our Vision

We aspire to have a community in which all families and individuals are empowered, self-sufficient, capable of overcoming challenges, contribute to the community and feel respected and valued.

Our Mission

We are a non-profit agency that provides quality social and behavioral health services to the Jewish and greater Tucson community. We help people of any religion or ethnic origin meet their full potential by restoring their well-being, cultivating self-sufficiency and strengthening family life.

Our Values

We consistently strive to meet the needs of our clients while showing respect for their beliefs, choices, values and differences. We are guided by the Jewish traditions of healing the world (tikkun olam) with loving kindness (chesed) through just and charitable deeds (tzedakah).

Our History

JFCS celebrated its 75 year anniversary in 2016. The agency produced a program with a history of the agency. Click below to view the 60 page program.

75 Year Anniversary

2016 Tribute Program