Emergency Financial Assistance


2016 analysis revealed that JFCS was only able to provide 51% of the total requested from Jewish families in need.

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We can help individuals and families in our community who are experiencing financial struggles and crisis. Thanks to the generous support of the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona and Tucson Foundations we tripled Emergency Financial Assistance for individuals and families having a difficult time making ends meet during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, we have received Federal Emergency Management Agency funds to continue to extend Emergency Financial Assistance to the entire community.

Call us at (520) 795-0300 for more information or Email us at jefa@jfcstucson.org 

With support from the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona and very caring donors, we help individuals and families with emergency financial assistance to avoid eviction, utility shut off, and hunger by offering short term financial assistance in the following areas:

  • Food cards
  • Rent / mortgage payments
  • Moving expenses
  • Utilities
  • Medical expenses
  • Transportation (car insurance if car is needed for work)
  • Work-related expenses
  • Assistance with burial arrangements for indigent individuals.

Requests for assistance are carefully screened to determine genuine need and personal financial capacity.