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Divorce Recovery

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Divorce Recovery is a program that is managed and led by volunteers. Our group leaders are committed to serving adults and children who are going through the break-up of their family relationship. They are exceptionally committed women and men who have been willing to spend hundreds of hours in service to others.


Interested in volunteering? Attend our 6-week Group Leader Training designed to train potential leaders for Divorce Recovery groups. We welcome individuals seeking more information about issues of divorce, group facilitation, and personal growth to participate. There is no obligation to lead a Divorce Recovery group, however, we encouraged all participants who complete the training to volunteer to facilitate a Divorce Recovery Group at least once throughout the year.

Having completed the training, participants will:

  • Understand the Divorce Recovery process: The Transition Journey.
  • Have an understanding of leadership in Divorce Recovery Groups.
  • Develop the skills to lead a Divorce Recovery Group for adults or children.

Fall 2024 Group Leader Training:

  • August 28th through October 9th
  • Wednesdays, 6:30-9:00pm
  • JFCS Office: 4301 E. 5th Street 85711
  • To register, please download and completed the registration form below and email to

Divorce Recovery offers college credit for University of Arizona students, with a commitment of one semester. Please note that hours for an internship varies by department. Check with your Academic Advisor for approved units of credit, requirements, and paperwork.

2 Credits Internships are offered twice a year and credit hours are broken down below:

  • Group Leader Training: 2.5 hours/week for 6 weeks
  • Homework/Prep/Travel: 3 hours/week for 6 weeks
  • CODCF Group Facilitation: 2 hours/week for 8 weeks
  • Research/Plan activities for group: 3 hours/week for 8 weeks
  • Reviews: review 3 articles, books, movies, etc. relating to divorce and children, 15 hours total
  • Plan, promote, host a fundraising percentage night at a local restaurant: 2 hours
  • TOTAL: 90 Hours

Fall 2024 Internship: August 28th through December 11th, 6:30-9:00pm, JFCS Office: 4301 E. 5th Street 85711

Facilitator Training Registration Form

If you are interested in either volunteer opportunity, please complete the Facilitator Training Registration Form and email it to