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Older Adult Services

Older Adult Services

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Care Management

We partner with you.

We bring broad connections and support to our clients, beginning with a care plan that emphasizes quality of life, self-reliance, and independence. Our plans are holistic, addressing 7 key life arenas: each client’s immediate environment, social connections, finances, legal issues, and medical, spiritual, and psychological needs.

Our care managers provide compassionate and professional guidance when you are faced with difficult decisions. We explain options and help you and your loved ones plan for now and the future.

We can help you prioritize needs, develop care plans, set up needed services and referrals, manage multiple providers, and ensure that your plan works for you and your family. We have supported families when a family member is suddenly overwhelmed with tasks of daily living, a move to a new housing situation is imminent, family members can’t agree on what is best for a loved one,  when acute medical experiences require intensive follow up, and many other situations.

Examples of the kind of help we can provide:

● Arrange for and monitor a variety of in-home services from home care to home repairs,
● Coordinate medical care with providers and insurance companies
● Advocate for clients in all medical situations
● Act as a liaison to families, providing regular written reports and quickly alerting family members about changing situations
● Create a confidential file with everything from medications taken, directives, family contact information, medical records, and more
● Serve as a support system for clients and loved ones
● Assist with housing relocation
● Provide crisis management, prevention, and intervention
● Connect individuals and families with counseling and emotional support

Select Care is a private pay program.

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Call (520) 795-0300 ext. 2253
Email: select@jfcstucson.o