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Refugee Resettlement Services

Refugee Resettlement Services

We support refugees as they resettle in Tucson.

We offer full-service refugee resettlement. We collaborate with the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) to bring these new Americans into a safe community.

Some services and supports include:

● Airport transport
● Assistance enrolling in benefits
● Cultural orientation
● Employment assistance
● Establishing and outfitting housing
● Transportation to medical providers

Afghan Placement and Assistance

This program serves Afghan refugees who received special status thanks to their service to the American government in Afghanistan. Many Afghans urgently fled political persecution in 2021, and we will offer resettlement services to these individuals.

Services to Afghan Survivors Impacted by Combat (SASIC)

The JFCS SASIC program supports Afghans who have entered the U.S. through Operation Allies Refuge/Operation Allies Welcome and have been impacted individually or as a family by the effects of combat.

The JFCS SASIC program includes:

  • Trauma counseling services (Birth to 5 program, child, teen, couples, adult, and family counseling)
  • Therapeutic groups
  • Support groups
  • Art groups
  • Culture groups
  • Financial and digital literacy groups
  • Case management
  • Advocacy and care coordination
  • Outreach and education

JFCS is partnering with TMCOne to provide all medical services. All providers have received training on common concerns facing Afghan refugees. Our services are meant to bridge the gaps between active phases of resettlement and assist in longer-term adjustment to life in the U.S.

Reception and Placement

This program offers wrap-around support to refugees, such as support with finding housing, schools for children, medical services, employment, and cultural/community services.

Preferred Communities

Many refugees have challenging needs that require intensive or long-term services. These could include those with medical conditions, elderly refugees, single parents with children, those who have experienced extreme trauma, or refugees with other needs. The Preferred Communities program means that those who may need additional support to find their way in a new community will have access to intensive case management for 12 months.

Employment Support

This employment support program helps place refugees into sustainable employment quickly. Through Matching Grant, refugees participate in job training, such as certifications and mock interviews, connect to employment resources in the community, and receive support such as transportation to job interviews and English language practice with volunteers.

Integrated Service Delivery (ISD)

JFCS is delighted to announce we were selected as one of only ten partners to launch a pilot program that addresses the need for additional financial supports for refugees. The program helps connect refugees to critical financial resources and build credit to increase long-term financial success.
ISD includes three focus areas: increasing financial literacy surrounding banking, credit, budgeting, and more; credit building through JFCS supported banking; and employment and financial stability support as JFCS connects refugees to employment and training resources.
The program also includes a budget for each refugee client to receive a Chromebook. Owning a personal computer supports refugees and decreases the gap in access to technology that puts many at a disadvantage as they seek employment, education, training, and benefit enrollment. This program will incorporate the program focus areas to improve financial outcomes and support economic integration as clients navigate new systems and career opportunities.