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Claims Conference negotiates pensions for 6,500 additional Holocaust Survivors worldwide, including several in Arizona

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First published: Nov 8, 2021
By: Raisa Moroz and Vicki Moses

In early October, the Claims Conference announced pensions for certain groups of Holocaust Survivors who previously did not receive funding. These include Survivors of the Leningrad Siege, those hiding in France, and those persecuted in Romania. These funds will support 6,500 survivors worldwide, recognizing the trauma and terror that these Survivors experienced at a young age.

Survivors of the Leningrad Siege experienced a horrific event in their early lives. They survived being bombed multiple times a day, hunger, thirst, and death of their loved ones. They had no hope of survival or escape. One of the Survivors shared that when the order came for him to leave Leningrad by a boat, he was eager to agree despite the risk that the boat might not reach its destination.

Even though this compensation is long overdue and will benefit only the small number of Survivors who are still alive, it represents acknowledgment of wrongdoing by the Germans. For Survivors of the Leningrad Siege as well as Survivors who were in hiding in France and those who survived persecution in Romania, it means that their suffering is not forgotten, nor overlooked.

A Survivor of the Leningrad Siege we spoke with said that he will use this money to pay bills and to buy a few presents for himself and his loved ones that he could not afford before this pension. JFCS of Southern Arizona can provide support and assistance to any individuals who think they may be eligible. Additional information on those who can receive these funds can be found here. If you need assistance to fill out application for this compensation or other compensations related to your status as a Holocaust Survivor, please contact JFCS of Southern Arizona, Services for Holocaust Survivors at: 520-795-0300 ext 2214 or

Services for Holocaust Survivors has been a key project for JFCS of Southern Arizona for over twenty years. The program promotes and enhances the capacity of Holocaust Survivors to live more independently and to age with dignity. If you are a Holocaust Survivor, you can contact JFCS of Southern Arizona for assistance. The mission and goals of JFCS’s Services for Holocaust Survivors and those of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany are the same – to provide Holocaust Survivors with the support and resources they need to remain in their homes for as long as possible.

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