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Counseling for Victims of Crimes

Project Safe Place

Project Safe Place (PSP) provides evidence-based counseling services to individuals of all ages who are victims (survivors) or witnesses of crime including domestic violence, sexual assault, childhood sexual and physical abuse, human trafficking, stalking, and many other types of crime that unfortunately are far too common in today’s world.

Children Birth-17.

Child sexual abuse and other types of trauma happen to children in every kind of family, neighborhood, and community. Fortunately, with the right kind of help, children can recover completely and live normal, happy lives. PSP counselors use a variety of age appropriate treatment modalities to help each child:

● Establish an atmosphere of safety.
● Experience increased well-being and reduced anxiety.
● Reduce feelings of powerlessness and self-blame.
● Encourage expression of feelings.
● Facilitate a sense of contact with and control over their environment.
● Encourage the development of trusting attachments.

Adults 18+.

PSP counselors support all adults who are victims (survivors) or witnesses of crime including domestic violence, sexual assault, dating/relationship violence, and stalking. Adults who were victims of abuse as children may also receive treatment in order to heal and move forward in setting and accomplishing life goals.

Adults who have experienced vicarious trauma through observation of crime scenes and/or interaction with victims (e.g., fire fighters, law enforcement officers, etc.) may be eligible for help in working through the aftermath of exposures. PSP counselors recognize the many possible issues affecting crime survivors/witnesses, including anxiety, anger, PTSD, shame, and self-destructive behavior. PSP counselors use a variety of evidence-based treatment modalities to help each survivor/witness:

● Establish an atmosphere of safety for sharing their experiences.
● Encourage the development of life and coping skills.
● Facilitate the transformation of negative behavior into positive, healthy behaviors.

Because traumatic events don’t just affect the victim, Project Safe Place includes family therapy to help family members improve communication and problem-solving skills in ways that help the victims in recovery.

In addition to in-office counseling, PSP also includes in-home counseling as an option for individuals who face challenges with receiving treatment in an outpatient clinic setting.