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Counseling for Victims of Traumatic Loss

Parenting after Traumatic Loss: Rebuilding the Lives of Women of Color

This program addresses the needs of low-income mothers who have experienced the traumatic loss of a spouse/partner, meaning unexpected deaths due to violence, accident, or sudden illness.

Parenting after Traumatic Loss Program

Black people, Latinx, and Native American people are more likely to lose someone close to a traumatic loss and also face more barriers to services. Through wrap-around services, we address the grief of traumatic loss, difficulties of single parenting, lack of resources, social isolation, and barriers to service to help women cope, attain financial stability, and provide age-appropriate parenting.

Our program, Parenting after Traumatic Loss: Rebuilding the Lives of Women of Color is comprised of five components:

● Workshops to increase parental knowledge about the bonding and attachment needs of children.
● Restorative Retelling, a treatment approach more effective for addressing traumatic loss than general grief and loss interventions
● Detection and treatment for other counseling needs
● Case management to address resource and financial needs
● Social activities to improve support networks

Alongside mental health and parenting resources are financial case management and emergency financial assistance. Through this program, we are able to support the needs of women and children after traumatic loss, helping them cope and successfully adjust after losing a spouse or partner.