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Domestic Abuse Services for all

JFCS therapists are trauma experts who offer intensive therapy and counseling for adults who are victims of domestic violence and other crimes.

LEAH (Let’s End Abusive Households)

LEAH is one of our domestic abuse programs.

Within the Jewish community, there is an unspoken belief that violence does not happen here. This belief causes those who do suffer from domestic abuse to hide their pain from family and friends in shame and embarrassment. The stigma around domestic abuse within the Jewish community only allows the problem to fester and grow.

We understand and, in response, have developed LEAH, a domestic abuse prevention program for Jewish individuals and families affected by domestic abuse. LEAH provides intense therapy and counseling for these families who might otherwise continue to suffer in silence. LEAH also provides education, information and referral, and advocacy for those Jewish individuals and families who experience domestic abuse issues.

In order to stem the tide of silence, LEAH staff provides information and education on domestic violence and its impacts upon families and communities to Jewish organizations as well as other community-based agencies. With increased awareness and knowledge, we can begin to not only end the stigma around domestic abuse but also end the abuse and violence.

If you or someone you know is in danger, please call 911 immediately.

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The LEAH program is funded by the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona.